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New EP "Thought it was you" released 14th July 2017.

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Thought it was you EP
Kinobe scored one of the biggest chill-out club hits of the Noughties, the deathless 'Slip Into Something More Comfortable'. Known from dancefloors, radio playlists, Caf del Mar compilations and TV spots the world over - most... More
Thought it was you EP
Those cool masters of the chill out lounge groove, KINOBE, are back with a fine follow-up release to May's much-lauded 'Firebird' EP. Comprising Julius Walters, Chuck Norman and vocalist, Rich Hale, the trio unleash another four-track EP, 'Though It Was You,' ... More
Thought it was you EP
Another summery track, 'Thought It Was You' is the latest release from the West London group. Offering chilled music with electronic and soul influences, and coupled with a retro music video (due for release imminently), this eclectic group offer something different ... More